Monday, December 31, 2007


Today, December 31, 2007, I, Dr. Evil officially announce the retirement of my blog. Although I am retiring, I will still continue to read all of your blogs.

Dr. Evil

Monday, December 24, 2007


Lets compare Led Zeppelin's version of Whole Lotta Love to the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra's Version.

This reminds me of last year, when my Uncle gave everyone a Kazoo to sing Happy Birthday to my grandma.

My blog is great

I looked up how much my blog is worth from some other bloggers link list and found out that my blog is worth $9597.18 and I looked up other peoples blogs too. My blog is not worth as much as Monkerstein's blog taking the gold medal of $89,197.32. Silver medal was Dale and his was worth $32,743.32. And bronze was Grant Miller's and his was worth $25,404.30.

Merry Christmas and don't forget....

DR. EVIL 08!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is awesome

This is the best commercial ever. Screw the lizard dude.

And to mention one more thing

I forgot, for all of you FOX haters, you should watch the movie Outfoxed. Even though it is a very serious movie there are some hilarious parts. Like in one part, Bill O'Reilly claims he has never told anyone to shut up, but then they play a clip and the guest he had on was against invading Afghanistan and he was naming every good reason not to such as the fact that we were the idiots who provided the Taliban every weapon they had. After about a minute Bill tries to use his flat out lying propaganda and names some stupid reasons to invade but the guy stuck to his reasons, and then Bill O'Reilly just starts screaming, "Shut Up!!!"

Also he started attacking him calling him dumb for "not knowing what was going on." It gets better, this was showed on TV and made him look like a bigger moron than he already was. Either Fox has the stupidest idiots, or this is a real life sitcom, I'll guess the first one.

My rating

The only "bad" word I have used was turd.

Evil in the air

I have proof that I am more evil than the Evil Genius. On Grant Miller's blog I posted, "How history will absolve me", by Fidel Castro. On paper his speech was 38 pages long.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Did you know? 2

China is being criticized because Led Zeppelin's music contains lots of led...

George Bush has lied before...

Grant Miller created "Did you know" original...

I am a Grant Miller critic...

Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, the bat mobile lost a wheel and the joker ran away...

Jesus's birthday was on Christmas....

Richard Nixon is not a crook...

There are AT-AT's on my front lawn...

Interesting birthdays

Yesterday, I was looking at my almanac from last year and I found a list of famous people with their birthdays. Here some things that I found…

For one, I think I figured out why Bill O’Reilly is such a turd, his birthday is on Sept. 10th.

Johnny Yen is so great because he shares Bono’s birthday, May 10th.

The worst birthdays to have

Feb. 6, Ronald Reagan’s birthday
Feb. 29, some unlucky person
June 18, Paul McCartney
July 3, Tom Cruise
July 6, George “Dubya” Bush
August 29, John McCain
September 10, Bill O’Reilly
November 25, George “Dubya’s” daughters

The best birthdays to have

Jan. 9, Dave Matthews
Jan. 15 Mlk Jr.
Feb. 24, Steve Jobs
March 2, Dr. Seuss
In between March 2nd and 14th is my birthday
March 14, Albert Einstein
This one is for Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, March 22, Reese Witherspoon
April 13, Thomas Jefferson
May 10, Bono
May 13, Stevie Wonder
May 20, Stan Mikita
May 21, Al Franken
May 25, Mike Myers
May 29, JFK
July 16, Will Farrell
August 6, Andy Warhol
August 13, Alfred Hitchcock
August 19, Bill Clinton
August 21, Stephen Hillenburg, he created Spongebob
August 25, Tim Burton
August 28, Jack Black
Sept. 1, Dr. Phil
Sept. 13, Ronald Dahl
Sept. 23, Ray Charles
October 2, Gandhi
October 28, Bill Gates

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Today, the little kids sang at the assembly. They sang, "We wish you a happy holiday, we wish you a happy hoilday and a happy new year." Seriously? They took out the word, Christmas. If it is offensive, then pich another song!

Also, the whole political correctness has gone too far if it is considered offensive to say someone is sitting "Indian" style. Sometimes, I think people a are little crazier than I thought.

If we had treated the Native Americans in a humane way, maybe that would have been better.

Remember, DR. EVIL 08!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stupid things

Here are two of the worlds stupidest controversies

Santa's ho ho hoing is politically incorrect.

The original Sesame street is bad for children because he smokes a pipe.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Prank calls from Grant Miller

As you know I put my cell number on my blog, Grant decided to be a wise guy and after posting the comment, "Can I prank call you?" He actually did call me. Here is the conversation....

Dr. Evil: Hello

Grant Miller: Is your toilet running?

Dr. Evil: No, but your nose is.

Then I hung up.

This will never be forgotten.

I remember when I was about 9, I wasn't even into Black Sabbath yet, but I had this weird feeling that I would not forget this event in my life. On TV they had said that Ozzy would be singing take me out to the ball game about a month ahead of time. Now the reason I knew I would never forget this moment was because I always wondered, why anyone would be called Ozzy Osbourne? History was made on that day, sadly this was the only one I found on you tube, but you can tell that he didn't know how to sing it. And here's our feature presentation today I hope you enjoy it....

Monday, December 3, 2007

I also forgot

I forgot to mention, when I was on the bus to go to to the Hong Kong airport to come back to America, one of the guys looked exactly like the Evil Genius. If you look at older posts, this guy actually dressed exactly like him and I thought the evil genius was stalking me. If I could have gotten a picture of him I would have. He had the same jacket and every thing.

Ok, here is a solution

Since I haven't been able to post for a whole week, due to lack of an internet source, heres a solution... You could call me on my cell phone 773-202-5862. You can call me from 3 p.m. central time to 4:30 on week days. On weekends you can call me from noon to 4. Go ahead try it.

In other news today,

Have you ever seen stickers on vans or buses that say, How's my driving? What if they changed it for people with a drunk history record they could say, How's my drunk driving? That might make traffic flow a little faster.

Also last weekend, my mom and I went shopping at the grocery store. (Usually we go on weeknights.)
It took so long because the store was filled with old people. Its not that I hate l hate old people, but they tend to stop in the middle of the Aisle exactly where your trying to get through. And then when you say "excuse me", they grunt at you like there is enough room to go through.